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Enhancing digital citizenship

Digital culture transforms citizens into people who are aware of digital phenomena and dynamics wich have changed, and will change more and more, processes, habits, lifestyles. What is the role of the Public Administration and School in accompanying young people and adults to this new journey? How…


Does germ-line therapy harm to future generations?

In performing germline therapy, looking from the topic of the ethical problems connected to our modal duties related to future generations our conclusion is that the refusal of applying the engineering technique in attempt to treat genetic diseases is not acceptable. A prohibition of this kind…


The school as innovation driver

In this paper we’re trying to explain the first Italian experience of collaboration between Umbria Region and Regional Education Autority (USR) for the community of “animatori digitali” (teachers with particular role for the digital transformation of schools). A special network where the…


Análisis de las opiniones del alumnado y del docente sobre la formación en los ciclos formativos de administración y finanzas

Hace unas décadas la Formación Profesional en España ha sido siempre contemplada como segunda opción en los estudios, por detrás del Bachillerato, para el alumnado que no quería seguir estudiando. Ahora es vista como una mejor opción alternando la teoría y la práctica en empresas. El…


Out of the Fishbowl: The Uberization of Teaching

In terms of recent innovations affecting the Higher Education sector, two are generating significant interest: the creation and delivery of MOOCs as Open Education Resources, and the concept of the flipped classroom, a pedagogic approach whereby the roles of teacher and learner are inverted.…


The use of e-learning in the lifelong learning

From beginning of the new millennium the evolution and the widespread availability of telecommunication systems has allowed the birth of current information system and interconnection system (Internet) within which everybody can exchange information. Thanks to this fast developing today the online…


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